Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Twenty things you should know about me:

1-I love to love love!!
I love cheesy romance novels and movies.. and really anything to do with love.

2-I dye my hair,
my hair is not naturally black, but don't tell your friends.

3-I am not Asian!!
Please don't ask me if I am Asian, I am Colombian and proud of it.

4-I like to eat breakfast in bed in the mornings.

5-I love summer dresses,
In a perfect world I would live in a place where I could wear summer dresses year round.

6-I LOVE the church!!
that's not a secret, tell your friends.

7-I think I am funny hahhahahah

8-I love listening to peoples life's stories,
everyone has a story to share and I learn SO much from listening.

9-It drives me crazy when people don't use their blinkers :0

10-I drool in my sleep.

11-I have ugly feet,
and if you give me a foot rub i will marry you.

12-My mom is my hero,
she would be yours too if you knew her.

13-I dance because...
I honestly can't live without it.

14-I want to have dreadlocks at some point in my life.

15-I want to grow old and have cute grandma sweaters.

16-I want to travel the world,
wanna come with me?

17-I have the most amazing friends,
life would be.... nothing without them.

18-I am constantly learning from life,
life is a general learning experience and i want make sure i get the most out of it.

19-I don't need a big house to be happy,
all i ask for is a roof over my head doesn't matter what size.

20-I love it when people are thoughtful,
when they think of all the little things that make life your better.

1 comment:

  1. You dye your hair?! That's okay. It looks natural. As long as it looks natural, that is awesome. HA, when you say, "if you give me a foot rub i will marry you," it kind of sounds like a threat in a way, but it's okay because you are funny.