Saturday, September 25, 2010


Its comforting to know that through the best and the worst I have five lovely lady's to stand by my side, and make everything better.







Where do i begin..... he had me at hello.

We dated all through the summer, and just like all good things; it ended.
He left to Texas to live with his brother, and play music. Thats right he is a musician! :0 Just one more reason to like him.
He was gone for a month.... it really felt like six months. But after a lot of thought, prayers, and tears he came back four months earlier than expected.

Now that he is back we spent every second that we probably can together, its not perfect. Like any relationship with imperfect people, but we make the best of it. Still, i have no idea where this is going; where its taking me, where this is going, but i am holding on tight. In the end only time can tell.